Whether you’re looking to add a new colour to an existing wall or wanting to add a new room, our team can help!



Leasehold Improvements Inc. is a professional renovation contractor offering painting, renovations, remodels, handyman repairs, and general building maintenance for commercial and residential clients across Nova Scotia and the Maritimes. We are an award-winning building contractor that is certified by the Canadian Home Builders Association for quality assurance. Our crew provides free estimates and is committed to supporting local business owners throughout the region.

Convenient Improvements for Homeowners and Commercial Clients

Whether you opt for a new paint job or a complete interior restoration, you deserve prompt, efficient service. At Leasehold Improvements Inc., that’s exactly what you will receive. We specialize in tackling renovations for businesses in such a way that you never have to close your doors to customer traffic. Whether we need to divide the space in half, or any other measure, our crews are flexible and dedicated to your convenience. We go out of our way to ensure your property is clean and safe at all times to better protect your property, children, pets and peace of mind.


Not only are we capable of handling your upgrades in the best possible way, but we can walk you through the entire process with the help of our interior design partner. You’re invited to sit down with her to discuss your ideas and special requests. And when it’s time to implement your vision, our professional crew will execute the design to your complete satisfaction.

For workmanship and customer service of the highest standard, get in touch with Leasehold Improvements Inc. today.

Impress Your Guests

We have the design savvy, carpentry expertise, and industry contacts to create your ideal home.

Protect Your Reputation

Be proactive and preserve the condition of your commercial property with scheduled maintenance calls.

Maximize Appeal

Our designs and renovations can help increase the overall value of your property.

NS Home Building Association

2017 Peak Award Winner

Canadian Home Builders Association